For All My Streetwear Heads..Do You Shop Karmaloop?

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Im pretty sure alot of you are already familiar with this site. The number one stop and shop for all of your streetwear gear online, they have a store in Boston but too bad im in NYC. Anywho, Karmaloop is theeee spot. Selling just about every mainstream and underground streetwear brand from Hellz Bellz & Crooks&Castles to Mishka & DimePiece, this site has got it all downpacked. And dont be fooled by the price tags..nobody every buys anything on there for the full shown price. Theres ALWAYS and yes I mean ALWAYS a discount somewhere at hand. In the meantime make sure you use my repcode that will get you 20% off your first order on the site and each time thereafter you will get 10% when using my code. Support me yo!

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  1. 10% off? that's a bet. A+

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