So How Do You Feel About ...UGGS?

UGGS with a bathing suit? What in thee hell...

Ladies & Gentlemen, I need to know how to you feel about these. Do you or would you wear them? I personally don't own a pair..they look comfy but style wise they're just not as appealing to me. Are UGGS a staple of a "Fashion HOT" or "Fashion NOT"? Ive seen some girls wear these with the craziest match of things..UGGs with a sundress, UGGs with booty shorts, UGGs with fishnet tights and a tank. SMH. I came across this video that explains the do's and dont's of when and how to wear them. For those of you who do; Relax & take notes..


  1. Im with u on this 1.
    the look cute n comfty but..ahh nah.not stylish 2 me.


  2. That is so disturbing. It doesn't even look right. Chances are, if you're at the beach, there isn't any snow or rain, therefore you don't need boots.


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