Guess what?

....and if you haven't heard already, I am sure you've guessed by now that Beyonce is pregnant...FINALLY. What will be the most famed child in america is currently on its way. Beyonce looked gorgeous in her orange grecian goddess inspired Lanvin dress as she posed for the paparazzi who were just as shocked as all of us. I am so happy for them. Congrats Papa Jay and Mama Bey! 

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I know it has been FOREVER since my last recent post, and I am finally returning from the longest hiatus ever. The blog is still the bomb nonetheless! ;) Summer 2011 is coming to a close and  i'm highly anticipating the arrival of my favorite season...Fall. Why? you might ask...well because of the exclusive fashions in a beautiful array of hues, the start of what-shall-be-an-amazing semester (for all of my fellow students) and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes of course-- not to mention, heaven in a cup. ;) The start of the new season is also definitely a great time to get ahead in your goals or anything you have been putting off lately. It doesn't hurt to be nontraditional instead of postponing everything until New Years like most people. I know I sure will.


Shoegasm: Gems, spikes, and studs... oh my!

I stumbled upon this pic while exploring on tumblr, can you say g o r g e o u s? my god.
Shouts to whomever designed these, lol.
oh and feel free follow me on my tumblr if you have one, i'll follow back. :D


Bey Stuntin' On Em..

Beyonce with her hubby Jay chillin' in her studded out Louboutin's at the all star game. Those shoes are simply stunning. Literally (lol).


SiM Checking In ;]

K.SiM here... 

Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone :-) I hope all is well and all is SWELL.
I've been under alot of pressure lately, mainly due to school, work & well...life. But i'm good. I don't let em see me sweat. ;] I haven't gave up on my blog... it's just too BOMB BANGIN'. 
I'm finally getting my new [Nikon] camera soon, so not only will I continue to update you guys about my "adventures" verbally...but soon it'll be visually as well :D :D :D - it will be WAY more fun and entertaining that way anyway. I want to thank you all for sticking in there with me!

Much more to come..

xoxo, K.SiM.