Uh-Oh ..Is Ri-Ri SwaggerJackin'?

Well well well..Notice any drastic similarities in the two pics compared above? obviously the hairstyles right? some say RiRi swagger jacked being that the girl to the left is an underground artist who goes by the name of Eva Simons, who has had her pics posted on her myspace for months prior to RiRi's. This shouldn't be of any surprise to us now shall it? First it seems as if she's copied Fefe (Dobson) and now Eva Simons. Who is to blame? Is it her stylist or Rihanna herself? I know in many of instances the artist usually doesn't have much say over the style or look they portray because they follow onto what they're record label recommends to keep a boost on their sales. Hmm, so it just might not be Rihanna's fault after all. What do you think and who rocked it better??

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