Hmm...Big & Curly, or Straight & Sleek?

So were gearing towards the middle of this hot summer ( which seems to be flying by so fast btw! *bbm confused face*) the end will soon be near, and then....back to school college.  I've been thinking about what style I should do with my hair prior to the start of the fall semester...

Big & Curly like Solange?
Straight & Sleek like Angela?

I love fresh, young, classic looks.. Straight, Curly, or the "Kardashian Pony"(pictured below). 

So which do you think will be hot for fall? 
Too bad I like them all. *shrug* Oh how indecisive I can be at times, lol.


  1. Anonymous25.7.10

    Although I wear my hair straight the majority of the time, I always say "I want a new look." I'm always willing to try a new hairstyle...in which I did last August. I cut my hair neck length and regret that I did that but it has grown back healthy and thick so I'm happy again. As for a new hairstyle, I'd say go CURLY!!! I love the curly weave Solange have and I've been wanting it for the longest when I seen Kelly Rowland with it but never can find the hair. ='(

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