Flaunt Your Art. DIY: Archival Button Blazer

One of the coolest blazers ever. I saw this while browsing through the many fashion treasures of fruition LV. I think its a piece from the Jeremy Scott Fall 2009 “Mouse Trap” Collection... could be wrong but don't hold me to it. Anyway, It doesn't get any cuter than this. It's currently sold out via fruition, but don't lose hope. Why not get creative and make one yourself? I plan to make one. All you'll need : some time to spare, a blazer ( preferably, but not necessarily boyfriend cut), a needle (or fabric glue), some thread and a pile o'cute buttons. 

Let's Get Started..

Step 1. THINK CREATIVE. If your not a button fan, don't fret. Use whatever object(s) or materials you'd rather use, just as long as it turns out bomb. Gold/silver metal Studs, fake flower buds, rhinestones, etc will also do the trick. :)

Step 2. Gather your chosen materials. Make space, and take your time. (Most things don't turn out as good when you rush. ;)

Step 3. Apply your buttons, studs or whatever. sew or glue them tightly in place. Make cool patterns...don't be so monochromatic. You could place big buttons near small buttons, or orange against purple or yellow ones.

Step 4. When your finished, make sure everything is tacked properly into place. You don't want your hard work and decor to fall off and out of place while your out, (not to mention which will be embarrassing.)

now finally, Step 5. its simple... Wear it! Flaunt your art. Pair it with some nice jeans and a tank, or a vintage/graphic tee under & some fly kicks, or even a cute skirt with some killer heels and presto. PLEASE.... please remember not to OVER accesorize. Sadly, I see it happen far too much..eh.

Thank Me Later. ♥
images credit: Fruition LV

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