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For those of you who are frequently on twitter, you know (or should know) what this is about. Between yesterday & the other day, my timeline was flooded with "ZodiacFact" retweets. It was a trending topic.. My curiosity struck so I clicked on the hashtag (#ZodiacFact). It seems that someone randomly decided to make an account with intentions on sharing "facts" to the twitter world in regards to all 12 signs of the zodiac. I'll admit to even retweeting a few..but then yesterday I took a minute and thought..."so who are they to declare that what they are posting are REALLY facts?" I'm not saying the motive behind this is necessarily wrong, but I believe there is a fine firm line between fact & opinion. All of what they are saying may not be true. Generally speaking, statements such as "Aries & Leos are incompatible", "Virgos are perfectionist", & "Geminis have split personalities" just may be true but who ever declared them as actual facts? As a Scorpio..I don't always believe that what alot of things that people tend to say about us are necessarily true. ALL Scorpios are not the same, just as ALL people are not the same. But as a Scorpio, I do believe we are the most misunderstood of the 12 signs, and that Its impossible to just toss us into one category or genre because we are very versatile & unique. :)

I find the topic of astrology and zodiacs VERY interesting.. Here & there i've researched alot about it (out of boredom & curiosity). I know some people who rely on their horoscopes just to start off the day & some who think its just plain BS. Some believe the whole topic is real, while others don't..but that's besides the topic. I just wanna know who is this person? or people..that took it upon themselves to hop on twitter declaring whats facts & whats fiction. O_o

Its not a big deal though...somethin' lite (lol)... Just something to think about. (*KanyeShrug*)

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