annnnnnddddddd...its finally SPRING BREAK 2010! :) I'm at my home away from home, spending it with family & friends. Palm Trees, nice beaches & plenty of sunshine. I'm not really the party type, however; I am really enjoying myself thus far. I plan to invest in a new digital camera this week so I can take some pictures while i'm out here. Hopefully tho! *crosses fingers* Lol. Prior to the start of my mini getaway, I've been really busy lately. Mainly with school..I'm an Art major & overall it can be VERY time consuming. Projects, projects & more projects for days. I don't mind though, I love it. I love staying productive with the ability of being able to learn new things daily along the way. Lately, there has rarely been a dull moment, whether good or bad, happy or sad. Its life, and thats what keeps it worth it & interesting... I can't complain.*Kanyeshrug!*
I've made a few minor adjustments to the site, I hope you'll like it!

I'm really looking forward to April though..& maybe your wondering why..? LOL. Wellllll, I'll be interviewing our first "OohSheezeDaBXMB's Bomb Chick of the Month!!"...You won't guess who it is. ;] Too bad i'm not bursting the bubble just yet. LOL..(thats one thing about me..I'm great at keeping secrets). So be patient, trust me it will be worth the wait!

Oh, & I wanna thank all of my new followers/supporters!! I humbly Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and I won't disappoint ya. :]

I'll keep you'll updated..

kisses for you all. --xxx

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