Lala:New Haircut & Range up for sale

So Lala has joined the bandwagon too. It's really cute on her tho, I like it.While posting this pic on her twitpic on twitter she says.."Cassie started the "MOVEMENT" i did the "LA LA REMIX"..lol..who will be next..? feels good to let go!! "
Umm I wouldnt neccesarily agree with it being said that CASSIE has started the movement..Somebody needs to do as little research! What about the ever-edgy Kelis..& the wonderful Kesh..ya know..but it WASNT CASSIE for damn sure.

moving along..
She's selling her bxmb ass candy pink, fully equipped Range Rover on ebay.

Bid on ebay.com/lala
Don't front..Are you thinkin' what i'm thinkin? Damn that Range is SICKKKKKK!

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