Chris Brown has a lip piercing?

Did he recently get this or am I just late? Either way, i'm not feelin' it.


  1. He got it a few weeks back.
    so you aren't that late.
    It still has to grow on me..if ever.

  2. haha thts super not cute on him

  3. Anonymous12.1.10

    Ehh.. if you aint feelin it ... then I guess you really don't like him. Smh. Looks hot to me !

  4. Anonymous8.4.10

    he is fine i didnt know he would do that but omg that went harddddddddddddddddd.he is soooooo sexy with it,first it thought that he was already sexy but with that he don kill it 4 the people.i love it why did he tke it off.


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