Hello my loves!

I know youre probably like.."its about time she has risen from thee dead!" Lol.
I've just been on a little hiatus due to priorities & time..aka Life. It was mainly school though, as mentioned before, I'm an Arts major so projects and work tends to be veryyyyy time consuming. I am so glad it is the end of the semester though, my semester ends next tuesday. :D
Thanks for understanding.
However, the SUMMER is approaching. ;] Which means no more of the "slave shift"(as I like to call it) schedule ive been on lately. I will have my freedom back (LOL). I'll finally be able to get back into my graphic arts and closer to perfecting my craft. Here is something I've designed a few days ago out of inspiration and boredom..

"Some say eventually the beauty fades.."

K.SiM lose her touch? sweetie neva that. ;] 
But again, Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more to come.

-K.SiM ♥

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