P_nis Pasta... um..Seriously?

So i'm online browsing through Fred Flare...& I come across this. O_o. here is the product description: 
"Perfect for bachelorette parties or just for
every-day use, this fun raunchy pasta
is made with the finest durum wheat and
tastes oh so yummy. Box comes with a
recipe for “Big Balls, with Steamy Sauce
and Penis Pasta,
” so get cooking! 8.8 oz". 

would any of you actually buy this? It wouldn't be the smartest move to serve to any house guest for a dinner but it would make a funny gag-gift. I'm wondering who was it that took the time out to even think of such an innovation anyway..Lol.
Lol smh, Only on fredflare...


  1. Love the blog!


  2. This is an awesome post! I'm so ordering the pasta for my Gay best friends welcome to LA dinner he's going to freak when he sees it! Come visit me at www.HalleAnderson.com

  3. omg that site is so cute!


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