K.SiM speaks on being "M.I.A"..

Hello Dolls & Gents :]

 I've returned...I missed you all, have you missed me? ^_^ haha. I know i've been M.I.A for like the past 2weeks..sort of like a semi-hiatus. Alot has been going on, mainly with school & life. But all is well & i'm still keepin' it bomb-bangin'. School is currently a top priority & Its almost the end of the semester..well I got about a month left.I just been crammed with so many deadlines & projects lately & I haven't had the time to tend to my blog. =(  But its life, & its all apart of what happens on the venture to becoming successful. I've been working hard & going hard. I recently added on to my list of goals and I'm considering on starting a line in fashion or two.. might just put some of this creativity I have to use in another aspect besides graphics & visual arts. hmmm maybe. I'll see. ;]

tsk tsk... Yea its just an idea for now! lol

Oh, here's some random flicks of me being bored in the library on my web cam, rocking a pair of my fav Melody Eshani earrings...

I know..I know, Instead of posing I should of been studying. -_- Bleh.
But its clear that I was bored just by the expressions on my face (lol).

But I hope all is well with everyone. I can't thank you all enough for the continuous amount of support.. its much appreciated.

Stay tuned for further updates coming soon :)
muah. -K.SiM

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