So What Has K.SiM Been Up To?

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd say hi & sort of update you guys with whats been going on lately. First off, I wanna thank each & everyone of my supporters. =] I'm sure you all know this already but if not, i'm here to re-inform you that you guys are theeee BOMB. Thank you for your continuous support of my blog "OohSheezeDaBXMB!". I know I haven't been posting & updating as much as I should but that's definitely going to change. I've just been crazy busy with school & life & its all a lot to balance. Soon I'm going to add a new feature onto the site titled "Bomb Chick Of The Month/Week" (title is subject to change). Basically, every month or week (whichever I decide), I will feature a new female on the site who meets the criteria of being bomb, iconic & successful. Its exciting, & will be a cool way to show support to my ladies that's doing it up out there. I've also been working on alot of projects which have been pretty exciting. One project in particular that has been fun to be apart of was for my homegirl "Cocoa Sarai". Some of you may have heard of her, while others may have not. She is indeed a songstress & lyrical genius. Her mixtape titled "Half past 7" will debut next week on March 2nd for download. I will be posting the link.. She is also having a release party for her mixtape, so if your in the NYC area, feel free to come on thru. (21 & Up)

visit www.cocoasarai.com for more details. But besides that, I've just been anxious for spring to arrive, I'm so over the snow. I'm ready to wear my spring clothes & indulge in better weather. I've been looking at different cameras lately being that soon I will take on the path of photography to go along with my skill of Art & graphic design. I'm pretty sure it'll be fun.

*Yawn* Welp, I guess that's about it for now..its 4:33am & I gotta be up in a few hours. I'll update some more later. =]

Ciao ♥ !

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