Blackberry Tour 2?

So what is this that I hear there will be a new Blackberry release, the Blackberry Tour 2? codename: Blackberry Essex. It has been said the Essex will be available through Sprint or Verizon and priced at $50 with a contract. I'm doubting it will only be $50 dollars though. I'm getting a new Blackberry next week and I was undecided between the Bold 9700 & the Tour. I currently have a curve but I'm just upgrading because I want something new and I'm keeping a Blackberry because I ♥ BBM! <3

Here's some updates I found on wirelessandmobilenews.com
  • The trackball has been replaced with a trackpad that works well.
  • It's about the same size as the original BlackBerry Tour.
  • It has a faster processor, the same as the BlackBerry Storm2, which makes it run faster.
  • The BlackBerry Tour2 9650 has Wi-Fi.
  • The bottom row of keys is slightly shorter than the original BlackBerry Tour.
  • Better camera. (Some forum members have suggested that to compete with other smartphones it should be 5 MP.)
  • Different green call key.
  • The BlackBerry 9650 has shown up in Sprint's cataloging system.
suppose to hit stores in Febuary. What y'all think?

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