..TO Me!!! This weekend was the best. My birthday was this past Friday (11.20.) and it was the best birthday in a long time. A "special someone" took me out & we had a great time. I got some nice gifts & I am so thankful for my loved ones, they make me happy :] . Then yesterday me and my cousins threw a surprise birthday party for their dad..we got him out of the house to surprise him in time but the plan didn't turn out as we wanted due to his high level of impatience, and he rushed back to the house only to ruin the surprise. It was only considered "ruined" because majority of the guest we invited were not there yet..so..yea. We told them 5 o'clock they not there till like 6..Anyways, the party overall was fun. Still Maddd cake leftover..red velvet..buttercream..lemon..chocolate..cheesecake..strawberry shortcake..all that :] After this week, I don't think ima want cake for a long time.. lol.


  1. Well I sincerely hope that you had a very very happy birthday.

  2. happy belated ma!

    love ur blog!

    dont forget to follow a sista back!

    much love.,

    *brown is beautifuL*


  3. It's great your family had an enjoyable time...Happy Holidays!

  4. happy b-day mami! i hope you had a blessed day

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  6. Thank you everyone!


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