Gucci Fur-Lined Sky-Tops..Now How Flyy Are These?

Oh-em-Gee. I'm so feelin' these! Hi-top fur-lined vintage Gucci's that are perfect for the chilly Fall/Winter season,Keeping your toes warm and toasty in style..these are the type of kicks that are nice & its guaranteed you'll be the only person stylin' HARD on your block wit these..Why? Duh, because its 9 out of 10 chance that nobody else will have them..

too bad there not my size..sigh*..
there's only one pair so hurry & order them if you in the mood to drop 3 of them 'benji's' on something nice.

Archival Gucci Hi-Top Lace-Up Sneakers

Notes: Signature Green / Red / Green Web /Fur Lining
Size: Mens 8.5
Price: $300.00 via Fruition LV

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