Beyonce; BET AWARDS 2009

Now i'm not gonna get all into the long list of pics & the who's who & who wore what at the 2009 BET awards. But I will mention my favorite, and who I think looked the best. Beyonce of course ;] That Balmain dress was FLY, I dont care what nobody says. Its one of those dresses that only BEY looks nice in, and not every girl can't pull it off. The only thing I would change about this look is her earrings, they're too big and "out there" for this look, maybe just a cute colored stud would do. Her unique shoes are from the Christian Dior 2009 collection, but I'm not really diggin' the fringes hanging off of those. Congrats to Beyonce on winning Best Female R&B Artist and Video of the year for "Single Ladies".

Oh & Jay-Z FINALLY got a hair cut. YES, the BROOKLYN Swag is BACK ;]

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