Yesterday afternoon, Roderick Anthony Burton II aka Atlanta based rapper "Dolla" was fatally shot near an entrance to the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills...read the full article here.

& Check this out..

"The killing comes 12 years after another shooting in Los Angeles threw the rap music business into turmoil. In that case, the rapper Notorious B.I.G. was shot to death outside the Petersen Automotive Museum, about two miles from the scene of Monday's killing..."

He's ATL based so I hope this incident doesn't start another east coast vs. west coast drama. Hip Hop doesn't need that right now. I wish everyone could all just get along! Stop the violence, the hatred, the negativity..It seems as if the negative aspect plays a big part in "what makes the world go round". (*sigh) I found out about this on twitter yesterday evening and thought it was a joke at first because the 'trending topic' of the day was "R.I.P". Someone tweeted "R.I.P Dolla..(NO SERIOUSLY)" .This just goes to show you that NO ONE is invincible. From MY understanding he seemed like a cool dude, but who knows what the real reason was behind it all.Its unfortunate that his short life had to end so soon & my condolences go out to all of his loved ones, family&friends. Its hard losing the ones you love. May he Rest.In.Peace.

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