Five Random/Interesting Thoughts&Things About My Past Week.

1) I fell behind on my blog-game this past week. (*tear) Lol it was far beyond intentional though..I didnt forget about y'all. But there's only one me..hmm should I start a "blog team" of some sort? whatchu think? not sure yet..

2) Nowadays bums on the streets & trains of nyc don't accept anything less than a dollar..If you flip em a dime they be pissed! & I just say "well thats 10cents richer than what you were before nigga!" SMH.

3) My cousin treated me to some ice cream, Coldstone Creamery in Times Square . I decided to step out of my norm of getting "chocolate devotion"..this time got some "cake batter batter" ice cream (yum!), we got to the register & I noticed EVERYTIME they get a tip in the jar, no matter how big or small, they always sing a song.. & I quote.. "A 1, to the 2 to the 3 to the 4..everybody knockin' down coldstone's door! yellin' loud & screamin' bout how they won't more!.." It was longer than that though lol I guess that's there remix to J kwon's song "Tipsy", remember that?

4) I reached my first thousand updates on twitter. LOL..compared to certain other 'tweople'..thats a slow poke for ya!

5) Yo I swear McDonalds think they slick. If you order a double cheeseburger (which used to be on the dollar menu) its like $1.50. If you say 'McDouble' its a $1..whats the difference you may ask? there really is none, except the McDouble has only 1 slice of cheese..lol smh. Now they got a new snack wrap called the "Mac Wrap"..which is basically a big mac in tortilla wrap. SAME exact ingredients, except the burger meat itself is sliced in half.. its good tho ;]
I wonder what's next? McNuggets on bread?

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