Damn Cassie: (sigh*)Why Am I NOT Suprised..

You know what...i'm NOT even gonna sit here and semi preach about and talk about how wrong she was for letting this get out..not considering she has fans and young ladies who look up to and admire her..obviously that doesnt matter and maybe she doesnt care,LOL SMFH..I believe this was intentional, and she knew exactly what she was doing....Nonetheless, There is nothing wrong with being sexy. There is nothing wrong with having a nipple piercing. However, your a STAR! and it seems as if you have pulled yet, ANOTHER publicity stunt.SMH..don't worry cass..if people WANT to buy your album next month then i'm sure they WILL! All of this madness is not called for just for some sales..RELAX GIRL RELAX..

I did'nt want to post the nude(pics) ones on here.. I don't condone that..so if you wanna see them then hey, there up on MediaTakeOut.

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