YAAAY..The DiMEPiECE SUMMER 2009 PLASTiC CiTY COLLECTION IS OUT NOW ;-) I peeped the look book earlier and the collection is fxckin LOVELY. They really turned it up a notch and even shaved barbie's head lol..I plan on buying a few pieces from the collection to add onto my summer ensemble for this year. I can't stop feenin' for those lightning bolt earrings that she has on in the last pic.They are by Melody Eshani I LOVE them and I want them so bad..but they're sold out online :*-( for now. If anyone is aware of them on sale available for purchase elsewhere then PLEASE let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. OMFG.

    Haha..i'm looking at the Look Book right now and they have some bomb..cute..fly..whatever other adjective i could put here.._____

    Goshh..Imma be feenin' for some their stuff now..



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