Mmm.Mmm.GOOD ;]

Yoooo..Like..I can't even front. This ice cream was, if not, the best ice cream i've ever tasted in my short 18 years of life! Cold Stone Creameryyyy is bxmb!! This is the "chocolate devotion" which consist of chocolate ice cream, choco chips, brownies and hot fudge. Mmm..(dora the explorer voice*)" Delicioso!".Yes indeed. The cool thing about this place is they make your order unique on a slab..I think its marble..eh, anyway and they put the ice cream on the slab and put the ingredients you want on top..then here comes the fun part..they MASH IT AND TOSS IT around until the ingredients are broken up well..How cool is that? and you get to watch it as they make it for you. My cousin took to me to to the cold stone in Times Square and it was instant addiction. So YUM. Everytime I get some cold stone, I always get this same blend lol I don't kno why..but next time I want to try the "Thats How I Roll".LOL at the name..it got cake batter ice cream, cinnamon, yellow cake and pecans in it.Sounds good to me :)

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