Candy in Sneaker Form!!|Nike Dunk x Nylon Collab

This is the Nylon Magazine X Nike Sportswear Collab Dunk Set. These are sooo flippin' CUTE! I want a pair..problem is I can't decide on just ONE color! I Love them ALL :] But if it really comes down to it then I would most likely go with the...ehh...Pink or Baby Blue ones. The Blue is pretty versatile and can go with plenty of different colors and styles for the summer and the Pink is just toooo cute.

Ooooooh...and the yellow ones are a guarenteed eye catcher indeed & they look cute on! Get yours Monday June 1, 2009 at Urban Outfitters and select Nike retailers.

Image Cred:Snkrfiles

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    I like them all too, but i'd probably just stick to the pink,blue, and yellow ones..
    The orange and green seem daring to me..hmm..



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