& Speaking of Yeezy..

Ahhhhhhh WTF.Damn I REALLY miss the old Kanye. You remember the hit "Through the wire" & even as recent as "Champion" from his album "Graduation", two songs I love... I saw this cover and I LITERALLY had to blink twice(or maybe a third time?). This right here is crazy,in a good way of course ;).First off I wanna say..his designer (Chris Milk) DEFINITELY got some skills..which means I really gotta step my graphic skill up a notch lol. He has blue eyes on this cover..wait are they even eyes? Who knows. This shxt is ill tho. I had to warm up to it because initially it seemed a bit weird to me but I like it now.Alot of people don't agree with his "change". He's evolved as not only an artist but as a person too..and at the end of the day you really have no choice BUT to respect that right? I mean just look at him..dude is on his GRIND.He got the whole business with louis vuitton, his own Nike thing, always keeps a flyy piece of arm candy(currently Amber Rose) and has many other endorsments. He's really doing his thing.I'm going to always love Kanye regardless(unless he does something drastic that would make me not want to anymore).But this cover..YES Very Very creative..

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